Monday, November 12, 2012

True Heros

On the way beck home from visiting the The Home of Faith near Markapur, India I had a bit of a wait at Hyderabad Airport for my evening flight. To be honest I just wanted to book into a hotel and sleep. However a couple who used to attend MKCC wanted to meet and take me to their home.

They are quietly using their time, talent and treasure to build Jesus Kingdom in what can only be classed as a very poor part of Hyderabad. There they have built a small church and support Pastor Barnabas and his family in reaching the neighbourhood for Jesus.

Barnabas lives in the community with his wife and two children. He receives around £50 per month. Like the early disciples he has no formal education but he loves Jesus and serves this poor community.

Before going to India I read a tweet by a young guy that said that because Ps Brian Houston, Hillsong hadn't turned up he had been given his latte to drink and it was a bit like drinking from the Holy Grail. (Please note that I have NO axe to grind with Ps Houston he is doing an amazing job, nor the person that wrote the tweet in any way)

But I worry that the celebrity culture that so permeates the world can so easily seep into our world.

Hillsong and Ps Brian Houston are serving the same Jesus as Pastor Barnabas and family. Ps Brian faithfully preaches to 1000's each week and Ps Barnabas faithfully serves 30.

To me people like Pastor Barnabas are the real hero's in the church. No one knows their name except their immediate flock, they survive by the skin of their teeth and never venture outside their small village.

We are all serving the one hero - JESUS!

So I was honoured and humbled to share a plain glass of water with Barnabas.


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