Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Seth Godin recently wrote an article titled "Wasted Kindling", here is a paragraph:

"It's hard to imagine a bigger waste than cooking an entire meal using nothing but kindling. It burns fast and bright, but it doesn't last. You might be able to cook something, but then there's be nothing left for the next guy. No, the useful technique is to have some bigger logs standing by, and to use as little kindling as possible."

Most churches that are growing are seeking out ways to make the experience of attending church a great experience. Nothing wrong with that. My early experience of church would not have come under that category. So one of my passions in life is to ensure that the church of today is different.

But we need to ensure that we are going way beyond the initial "Kindling" that gives a great impression to substantial fire that is built out of the "logs" of reality.

A smile and a handshake on the way in from the car park is great but always remember that every single person needs deep relationship. To know and be known.

Great music that takes us on a journey of corporate worship of Jesus stimulates the heart and the emotions but will not satisfy unless it transitions into a life sold out in day to day moment by moment acts of worship when the music and emotions have faded.

Biblical preaching, communicated in a stimulating and enlightening way is a springboard to a journey of life of adventure based on God's principles. However unless the Word forms part of everyday life and we can encourage people to devour it for themselves the journey will become a cul de sac and a stay in the familiar.

To watch a video & hear about the Holy Spirit has moved by miraculous power in some one else's life brings tears of emotion and joy to our eyes. But God wants us to be participators with the Holy Spirit not spectators of the Holy Spirit in our every day lives.

Lets not mistake the speedy combustion of kindling, which without doubt is vitally important, with the long hard work of obedience of building a huge consuming fire in our lives and churches that is not over before it began.


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