Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Highest Apple

"This song is really about everything religion is about. It's about death, salvation and the hope for eternal life. The chorus is inspirational and it expresses spiritual hope. It's an expression of faith." - Donnie Munro

At present
All you were is with me
My eyes closed,
my memory confident
Standing here watching
Each hill and shoreline
With the seed you left still growing

The garden is well stocked
With mighty trees
With fruit growing for the whole world
Ripe, sweet
And bitter apples
And the one apple that is beyond reach

Who amongst us
Can exist a single day
Beyond our own time and our own limits
Countless and futile
Are times I've climbed
To reach and taste the forbidden fruit

The winds will blow and the sun will shine
From generation to generation
Through the trees of the garden
But the day and the hour will surely come
To take the highest apple
From the knowledge tree

CS Lewis once speculated that, in due time, man would have been invited to eat of the tree in order to grow further in his wisdom and fellowship with God. We don't know about that but we do know that God has revealed himself to us in Jesus and he can be know and has now become our pursuit. So I suppose Jesus has become for us the highest apple.


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