Thursday, June 14, 2012

For all the single ladies....

I often see heroic ladies around church doing an incredible job bringing up a family on their own. I am in awe of them. But that doesn't remove an ache in my heart that it is not really how it should be.

I am sure there are a million reasons and I would never want to simplify this problem because I am sure I don't understand it all. But I think the quote below from Matt Chandler is one possible cog in the wheel.

Ladies do not settle for anything less that a man who is totally sold out for God. A man who is pursuing God with continue to pursue you. A man who loves God with all of his heart will always care for your heart. 

I know things can change and people can take their eyes of God but if there eyes are not firmly fixed on God before a relationship don't fool yourself into thinking his love for you will bring him to love God.

Don't settle for second best.

HT for the picture to @supersimbo


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