Sunday, May 13, 2012

Putting God to the Test

This Sunday at MKCC we had the privilege of listening, via video, to James MacDonald delivering a great message on the subject of how we as Jesus followers should view our finances. You can watch it above.

Here are some of James's main points:

Firstly 10 Facts about the Tithe described in God's Word:

1. Tithe means ten percent.
2. It describes the immediate gift of ten percent of your income at your first opportunity.
3. It’s a symbol.
4. It is to be off the top.
5. It is a universal principle like Sabbath rest.
6. It was part of the law but predates the law and continues after the law. 7. It was practised throughout church history.
8. It is a thermometer of spiritual vitality.
9. It’s important to God.
10. It’s the starting place for New Testament giving.

90 percent with you and God is more than 100 percent with you on your own.

Why Tithe to the Local Church?

1. You get the wisdom of a group.
2. It avoids “send and forget.”
3. It avoids the tendency toward control.
4. Sow back into the fields that you have harvested.


1. Stealing from God has significant consequences.
2. Financial partnership with God brings significant blessings.
3. Faith comes before miraculous provision.
4. Prove the tithe.

It was fantastic to see so many people at MKCC make a pledge to test God and prove the tithe. I am positive that they will see God show up in their lives in a huge way as they take this next step.

P.S. We also broke the 200 children barrier in Discovery Kids for the first time. Yeah!


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