Saturday, May 05, 2012

Looking for loopholes

30 Days with Jesus

Day 20 - Luke 10 v 25 - 37

Jesus encounter with a lawyer confirms to me that they don't seem to have changed in 2000 years. It would seem that words are very important to them. And defining the scope of that word even more important.

Often they are paid big bucks to draw up contracts that are so well defined that they are watertight. Then others are paid even bigger bucks to try and find some loophole to bring the contract crashing down.

More recently we have seen well known celebrates shell out a huge amount of money for lawyers to get them out of speeding charges on a technicality.

So it would seem this lawyer was looking for a loophole to limit the teachings of Jesus. Yup I understand that I have to love my neighbour but who exactly is my neighbour?

So often I can stand with the lawyer looking for a loophole out of Jesus teaching. Looking for a way to limit what he said to manageable proportions in our lives. Jesus teaching cannot be tamed. It is radical. And he intended it to be so.

He gave his life and presented us with the loophole of his incredible grace. But His grace is not cheap, it cost Him his life and demands the totality of ours loopholes excluded.


Anonymous said...

Lawyers, you've got to love them! Yup, drafting and reviewing contracts is a big part of what I do, day in, day out. Don't know about the big bucks though... Jesus teaching here was a big part in the judgement in Donoghue v Stevenson, one of the highlight cases in UK legal history MT

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