Friday, December 09, 2011


In Jerusalem at the time, there was a man, Simeon by name, a good man, a man who lived in the prayerful expectancy of help for Israel. And the Holy Spirit was on him. - Luke 2 v 25 

I hate waiting.
I get impatient when I'm sitting in the car and the kids seem to be taking an age just to exit the front door of the house.
I mutter unmentionable things if the driver in front delays when clearly there was a huge space in the traffic.
I feel some tension in my stomach if waiting a couple of weeks for those results at the Doctors. 

Sometimes you wait so long you just give up. 

Not Simeon, he along with the Israel nation had been waiting for their salvation 100's of years.
Most probably decided it was not going to happen. Not Simeon
Most would have said God had been silent for 400 years. Not Simeon. 
He was eagerly watching and waiting for the ADVENT. 

Simeon had been waiting with PRAYERFUL EXPECTANCY & he had the Holy Spirit so to him God was not silent. 

We on the other side of the divide of history are also WAITING.
Waiting for the Second Advent 
Lets wait in PRAYER
Lets wait with EXPECTANCY
Lets wait listening to the HOLY SPIRIT 

Loved this video on ADVENT by the Village Church.


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