Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Corporate v Personal God

Many times we say as a Christian can have a personal relationship with God. That's what is on offer and is what salvation brings. Often I think we can exchange the wonder of a PERSONAL relationship for a second class CORPORATE relationship with God.

God's intention was that through the church he would make his wisdom known to mankind, not that through the church you would know Him.

The Church is a glorious entity but it was never supposed to come between us and God or worse still become our God.

10 ways to you have exchanged the PERSONAL for the CORPORATE.
  1. You recognise your pastors voice but not God's voice.
  2. Reading the Bible off the screen at church is one of the few if not the only times you connect to it all week.
  3. You feel closer to God in a church service that you do at any other time.
  4. You often talk to church leaders and other Christians about your problems but seldom talk to God.
  5. You celebrate with other in church at answered prayer but are not really sure if God is listening to you.
  6. You speak up in a prayer meeting but seldom or never pray alone.
  7. You attend a Bible study but never study alone.
  8. The main reason you go to church is to be blessed rather than to serve and bless others.
  9. You can't remember that last time you heard God speak to you outside a church service.
  10. You say the word Church way more that you say the name Jesus. (Seriously think about it)
  11. OK I lied there is more than 10. You expect to see Spiritual Gifts in action on a Sunday in church but it wouldn't cross your mind in work on a Monday.
That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings - Phil 3 v 10 

Any more?


Anonymous said...

Billy, I think this is really helpful, quoted you in a conversation this morning, Michael T

Billy Ritchie said...

Thanks Michael. Could be dangerous quoting me! :-) Trust all the family are well

Anonymous said...

yes all well news here is that we are expecting another baby next July enjoy your writing

Tomas said...

What a great post. It demands a wide audience. We all can learn from it.

Many thanks


Billy Ritchie said...

Thats brilliant. Huge congrats to you both Michael

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