Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I break God's heart

Today I wake up in Atlanta looking forward to the start of the Catalyst Conference today. Looking forward to understanding a little more about Jesus.

Yesterday I spent nearly 10 hours cooped up in a Delta plane so with no movies I wanted to watch I decided to hit up the Mars Hill - Mark Driscoll podcast from the past weekend - Jesus and Peter.

Marks main point was that: "We fail Jesus, He already knows when and where we are going to fail, but Jesus never fails us."

But one thing he said just hit me between the eyes:

"Sin is not just the breaking of Gods laws it’s the breaking of God’s heart." 

I had to close my mac screen and bow my head and quietly apologise to God again for my sin that hurts Him so much and thank Him again for His Grace through Jesus in my life. The video is below. It is a full preach but it really is worth your while watching:


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