Thursday, October 06, 2011

How to get unstuck

Tony Morgan released a brand new FREE e book - How to get unstuck.

Having just read it through the second time I know it will be helping my thoughts as I seek with my colleagues to continue to build a great church in Milton Keynes.

This quote that Tony quotes from Jim Collins really struck a chord:

"Those in power blame other people or external factors—or otherwise explain away the data—rather than confront the frightening reality that the enterprise may be in serious trouble."

Often in church life we can have a victim mentality.

You don't know what my town is like. If I was in another town it would be different.
You just don't know what the people in my church are like.

We will blame anything but are reluctant to admit we are stuck and need to do something different.

I don't look at MKCC as being stuck as a whole. Looking at some of the signs it would suggest we are moving:
  • The church is showing growth. 
  • We have a good range of ages and the youth developing
  • Giving continues to grow
  • People are serving
But in some areas of our ministry we are a little more sticky to say the least. Going to enjoy working through some of Tony's principles with the team.

Get you copy here.


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