Monday, August 22, 2011

Bringing back the wonder

It surprises me still that I can find myself in the doldrums feeling sorry for myself. Looking too much inside myself focused on my deceitful heart that still looks to question so much that I know to be true. But reality floods my heart when I choose to glimpse at my Saviour rather than my selfishness. This quote from John Bunyan rocked my world today:

"Sometimes when my heart has been hard, dead, slothful, blind, and senseless, which indeed are sad frames for a poor Christian to be in, yet at such a time, when I have been in such a case, then has the blood of Christ, the precious blood of Christ, the admirable blood of the God of Heaven, that run out of His body when it did hang on the Cross, so softened, livened, quickened, and enlightened my soul, that truly, reader, I can say, O it makes me wonder!" - John Bunyan

Now if that's not enough to bring back the wonder then I don't know what will.

HT - Desiring God


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