Friday, June 03, 2011

A thirst for revival

“The inevitable and constant preliminary to revival has always been a thirst for God, a thirst, a living thirst for a knowledge of the living God and a longing and a burning desire to see Him acting, manifesting himself and his power, rising and scattering his enemies...the thirst for God and the longing for the exhibition of HIS glory are the essential preliminaries to revival.” - Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones

In my 37 years as a follower of Jesus I have prayed many times for revival. When I think of what I was praying for it was of course to see people turn to God and that can never be wrong.

But this quote from Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones helps me to understand more of what revival is:

More of God and more of HIS glory.

Sometimes I think we ask God for revival because it will bring glory to us or His church.

I need to feel the more and more the dehydration in my soul of God and crawl through the dessert to ask for more of the only one who can quench our deep thirst - More of God.

So like the lady Jesus met for a drink at a well; We will NEVER thirst again.


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