Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last night I watched a very disturbing documentary on the BBC - Abused: Breaking the Silence.

"It recounted the harrowing account of former pupils from two Catholic prep schools in England and Tanzania were reunited via the internet. Chatting in cyberspace, they discovered they had all suffered terrible abuse at school: mental, physical and, in some cases, sexual. As young children they were frightened into silence by their abusers.

Now, as men in their fifties and sixties, and strengthened by the group, they want the truth to come out. Twenty two men have started legal proceedings against the Rosminian Order for compensation. They want justice. But half a century has passed, and their abusers are now elderly. What will it take to repair the damage and for the victims to feel able to move on?" - BBC Website

One of the victims was asked if had or could forgive his abuser. Clearly it was a difficult question for him and after mulling it over he said.
"Well to forgive is to stop renting the abuser space in my mind."

Just an amazing statement!

The documentary is available on iPlayer for a few days.


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