Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When people walk away

After this many of his disciples turned back and no longer walked with him. - John 6 v 66

One of the hardest things in church leadership is when people walk away. Sometimes to another community of believers, sometimes away from faith.
It is gut wrenching hard. Especially when its people you have done life with.

It happens for all sorts of reasons. Some good some bad. Sometimes its the worst thing, sometimes it can actually be the best for all around. But every time its hard.
It is so easy to take it personally.
It's quite possible that we have contributed to it be our actions.

But anytime you love something deeply, are investing heavily and are doing your level best for someone to criticize and walk away feels like someone just pounded on your head with a sledge hammer. No one can really prepare you for it no matter how much they warn you that it is going to happen.

But of course I read that even Jesus had people walk away, a disciple walk away and betray Him, one of his inner circle deny him, the other disciples disappear in his hour of most need. However we will never know the loneliness of Jesus as he hung on the cross and the Father turned His back.

No matter who walks away we will always have the Holy Spirit. ALWAYS!


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