Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How long do I spend on the loo?

Discover the secret of my visits to the loo by watching the video :-)

Part of the series at MKCC - The Essential James - From the sermon Implanting the Word.

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Lynette said...

I like your passion to share how important it is to read the Bible.
I pray hearts were stirred from your sermon and people will have a God encounter as the Word speaks to them. Believers need to be challenged and stretched, and sometimes doing a 'plan' reading our Bible needs something else to drive us into our Bibles. Its a great idea however. Asking questions like what does the Bible say about Evolution, or abortion or sex and contraception for kids or Israel? Those things will touch nerves in peoples lives and get them into the Bible, what does the Bible say?! Discussions to share and understand other views also helps. What is God's heart for His people Israel and also the Church in these last days is fantastic to stir people up into reading the Word. Billy, huge Blessings for your passion to get people into the Word. Knowing God intimately is important!

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