Monday, February 07, 2011

Favour with God

When we read about the encounter between the angel Gabriel and Mary to let her know that she was to give birth to Jesus there is a little phrase that always makes me smile.

You have found favor with God! - Luke 1 v 30

It has nothing to do with the passage but the same image flashes across my mind every time I hear the phrase "Favour of God".

I was sitting in a meeting with my friend Mark Sherratt at a well known Theme Park. Our task was negotiating a pricing structure for an even we held there each year. A Christian music event that attracted young people from all over the country. Negotiations were not going well. I had tried everything I knew short of begging but was getting no where.

That's when Mark piped up, surrounded by hard nosed executives with profit, understandably, as their bottom line. Mark basically told them that the favour of God was on the event and because they were hosting it, the favour of God was on their business.

The room went very quiet. Neither I or the business people were sure where to look. So we quickly brought the meeting to an end and said our goodbyes and set off fully expecting that we had run our last event.

A day later we received an email not only taking out all the additional charges that were proposed but we were offered a better deal than we were the previous year!

Either the favour of God was on us or the business was scared they were going to lose it :-)

Either way later that year we saw 100's of young people make a first time decision for Jesus and I will never forget about the favour of God.

A 1000 words will not acomplish what the favour of God will.


Unknown said...

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Sarah said...

"A thousand words will not accomplish what the favour of God will."
Oooh I like that. Maybe I'll still it on a bumper sticker. :) OK, more like a Post-It... stuck to my computer to remind me to "shut it!" when my fingers get carried away on a rant.
Brilliant words!

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