Saturday, February 12, 2011

Did John the Baptist miss it

I was thinking the other day that the greatest man that has ever lived in Jesus eyes, John the Baptist, wouldn't have fallen short as a modern day prosperity evangelist.

He chose a dessert instead of a stadium or TV camera
He wore camel hair instead of a cashmere suit
He preferred bush craft instead of fine dining
He had a leather belt instead of a Rolex
He promoted Jesus not his latest book
He stayed in a prison instead of a mansion

Finally he lost his head because he wouldn't compromise the message.

He was a strange guy back then but in today's background he would be certifiable. Don't believe me? Well when a well known Pastor of a "Mega" church decides to give it up and resign then go and spend some time serving poor people he is written off as an extremest and given dog's abuse.

In an age that the celebrity culture seems to be at least knocking on the door of the church, John's message is one that we need to remember.

"I must decrease, He (Jesus) must increase."

Just saying!


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