Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silencing the grumblers, God's Way

Ex 16 v 1 - 36

Moses & Aaron, great leaders. Amazing men of God. Although unsure of their own abilities at times, through obedience to God, lead a nation to freedom. Wouldn't it be great to have leaders like these.

Unfortunately they encountered the usual testing times as almost all leaders. The people questioned their leadership. These people who lived in slavery and dreamed of freedom for generations. Within 2 months of the fulfillment of their hopes and dreams, a few days of leaving the comfortable refreshing place of Elim and entered the wilderness of Sin, (Always struck me as a great name for a wilderness) their leadership was questioned.

And the whole congregation of the people of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness. - Ex 16 v 2

As a leader it a hazard of the job. Get used to it.
As a leader you know the reason for the desert you know what's on the other side.
But people don't like the desert and wouldn't choose to go there.
Moses knew that it was God that was leading not him.
So he knew it was God the people were grumbling about not him. (v8)

If you are leading from your own strength, wisdom and glory you have a problem. Because the people are grumbling about you. Moses didn't have that problem so what does he do?

He listens to God for the answer to the grumbling. (v4)
God's answer he sends His Glory (v7)

So leader if your followers are grumbling.
Check if its you leading or God leading through you.
Listen to God for the answer.
And let Him show His Glory.
He will do a much better Job than you quieting the grumblers.
His awesome presence strikes the loudest voice dumb.


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