Thursday, August 12, 2010

God owes us nothing?

Somehow we live with a sense that God owes us.
We would never say that out loud.
But our behaviour often says it in many ways.

Ex 16

It took the Children of Israel next to no time to complain.
When God lead them to Elim that was fine.
An oasis, refreshing crystal clear springs and trees with figs and dates.
They were up for it.

Then on the journey Elim turned to the wilderness.
Shade turned to blazing heat.
Hunger and thirst kicked in.
Then complaining started.

They were saying God owed them.
Because THEY followed God.
God owed them.

Help me always to remember that:
God came and found me.
When I wasn't looking God was looking for me.
No matter where he leads,
I count it an awesome privilege to follow.

God has already given me everything.
He owes me nothing.
I owe him everything.


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