Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 reasons you don't want to be a leader

Being in leadership is something that so often is aspired to by many of us. Be it at work, in church or in families. Of course leading companies, work colleagues, a family, a ministry, a small group or a church can be very fulfilling and a rewarding thing. But one thing leadership is not is easy.

So here are some reasons you don't want to be in leadership. If you still want to lead after reading these then maybe you are just about mad enough to do it.

1. You will feel the weight of responsibility.

As has been said with great power comes great responsibility. In the old Testament the watchmen on the city walls carried the responsibility for the safety of the whole city. The blood of the city was on their hands. Before God we will all give an account for ourselves but leaders will give an account with what we did with the gift he gave us.

2. Your authority as a leader will continually be questioned.

I know the use of the word authority causes concern straight away. But leaders have authority and it is important to use that as a servant leader. But every leader has their authority questioned. Even Jesus see Luke 20. So get used to it. And just because people question your authority it does not automatically make them rebellious and bad people. They are just asking a question and you can show your maturity as a leader by winning them with your answer. (Although I know there are the few, the very few, who will never submit to any sort of authority and they are not really following you anyway so by deduction you are not their leader. So ask them to find a leader they want to follow.)

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