Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday stuff on Monday morning

  • Different start to a Sunday. I only did one service today. Strange experience staying home and coming to church for 12 noon. ( I watched Sunday Supplement & Goals on Sunday on Sky Sports. :-) )
  • Nicola is still not well. She has another doctors appointment today. Please pray for her.
  • Worship set was awesome. Glory to God Forever, The Lord is my Rock, Hosanna & How Great is our God.
  • The Lord is my Rock by Wade Joye - Elevation Church, is just a great song. Written in the middle of his most testing time.
  • By the way big lesson for today is if you want to tweet that the Worship band was STONKING the predictive text changes is to STINKING. (One red face)
  • Then during communion the band did "How he loves us". I was in heaven.
  • Ryan did a great job closing our Impact series - Meet Jesus - Encounter Life Change.
  • He spoke on Paul - From persecutor to passionate follower.
  • Jesus choosing Paul is THE prime example that God can use anyone.
  • When Christ shows up lives have to change.
  • We think we are a mess but His grace is enough.
  • As part of the message Leon Robinson shared a little of his story of life change. From time inside as a prisoner to now visiting prisons to share what Jesus had done for him.
  • "When God is in your life never say never. Don't let your past become your prison" - Leon
  • Then I ran our Knowing & Growing course. I love equipping people for their journey with Jesus.
  • We Baptised 7 people.
  • I had BBQ'd kippers for the first time this summer. :-) at the same time as trying out our new decking. And guess what it rained!
  • Switched of the Chelsea v Stoke game when they had scored 6.
  • Then chilled out watching some TV with Nicola.


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