Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jesus uses messed up people

Today Mark carried on our teaching series - IMPACT at MKCC. We are studying the lives of some guys from the early church whose lives collided with Jesus.

Jesus Impacted their lives to enable them to impact others. Today Mark looked at Peter.

The thing that spoke to me most was that Peter, one of Jesus closest followers, in Jesus greatest moment of need, walked away and denied that he even knew Him. Later we find Jesus in a conversation with Peter.

The first thing that hits me is that it is not recorded anywhere that Jesus tears a strip of Peter for letting Him down and walking away. I think most of us would want to stick the knife into someone like this, maybe even twist it a little, not Jesus.

He just checks Peters heart. Do you love me? Do you love me? Do you love me?

I can feel Peters pain as he replies. I know I've messed up, I know I've let you down but Jesus, you know that I love you. I know that sometimes it doesn't look or sound like it. But you know I love you Jesus.

Jesus simple reply to a messed up person - get involved in ministry.

This is so opposite of how we treat people who have failed Jesus. We exclude them, we scold them, but Jesus invites them to join Him in the ministry.


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