Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Next?

Last night we had a great prayer time at MKCC. (Make sure you join us on the next 2 Monday nights at 7 pm if you have not already)

This is an important time for us all at MKCC as we see contractors move on to site to build our new facilities. It seems like its been a long time in coming and a lot of talk has been about our new building. But a building should never be our focus it should always be Jesus and the people he wants to form into his church. Not of bricks and mortar but of people.

But more than that I really felt God prompt me to ask the question: "What next?".

Too many times people shoot for a goal, stop & admire the view because they think they arrived. As soon as you think you have arrived you get left behind because God has moved on. That's why churches flourish and then sometimes slowly die and why movements become immovable monuments. There is no pausing in God's Kingdom it is relentless growth.

The building has started, we have not arrived, the building will be finished, we won't have arrived, the building will be filled, we won't have arrived.

So I am asking, God What next?


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