Monday, November 30, 2009

Belated Sunday Thoughts

  • Please explain to me God, why does it seem to bucket down with rain on Sunday mornings?
  • Mark announced that the peeps from MKCC pledged £285,000 to our building fund over the next 3 years. Monday update: £293,000. I am humbled by your faithfulness.
  • Then everyone rose to yet another challenge and committed to providing Christmas Hamper to MK Foodbank for families in need at Christmas time. We blew out the requested 67 and have another 14 people waiting for families to help!
  • We included in each hamper Rick Warren's great new book the The Purpose of Christmas.
  • I messed up the announcements in our first 2 services. Finally got it right third time round.
  • Mark concluded our History Makers series with the Miracle of Overflow from the feeding of the 5000. Here are some quotes.
  • Jesus solitary moment didn't last long because people went looking for him when they found him he had compassion not bitterness.
  • Jesus wanted to be with the crowds it was his disciples who tried to get rid of the crowd.
  • Jesus always has a plan! We might not always know it but he always has one.
  • Jesus wants us involved in what he is doing.
  • Disciples looked at a few fish and rolls and saw the impossibility Jesus saw a gateway to miracle.
  • When you give to Jesus something small is not too small if you give it your ALL.
  • Jesus fed 5000 but the crowd who probably had picnics with them were not willing to share except 1 boy. Jesus ignores the selfish & works with the generous.
  • It is amazing what Jesus can do when you give him your lunch.
  • Watch the full message here.
  • 13 people got baptised in the afternoon. Brilliant!!


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