Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Preventing a scandal

Week after week we seem to come across some news about some scandal in some ministry. Some pastor has messed things up or it may just be some member of a congregation. Surprise is usually one of the reactions. That's the last person I would have expected to do that is a common statement.

What that tells me is that it can happen to any of us if we are not careful. I read the following this week. 10 tips to prevent a scandal in your own life. Originally posted by Charisma Magazine.

1. Live a humble, transparent life.
2. Stay open to correction.
3. Audit your actions regularly.
4. Stay in touch with the real world.

Ministry is about loving people. But you will never develop compassion unless you are close enough to the grass roots to smell the poverty, lay hands on the sickness and cry with those who are in pain.
5. Don’t allow people to make you a celebrity.
6. Make family a priority.
7. Live modestly and give extravagantly.
8. Don’t build your own kingdom.
9. Develop keen discernment.
10. Maintain your spiritual passion.

People who experience moral failure almost always lose their spiritual passion first.

I would add number 11 - Keep your relationship with Jesus sweet and intimate.

What would you add?


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