Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lesson time

Yesterday I was working away on some stuff. Think I was developing our website or something like that when the phone rang. Someone had stopped by church and wanted to see a pastor urgently.

It seemed like I was the only guy around could I see him? Now if I am truthful my first thought was oh no! This is going to be another waste of time. Its going to be another person looking for money and of course we have never laid eyes on them before and will probably not do again. But we are a church and people seem to think we should give them money. So I made some flippant comment to the office staff and set of to meet the guy.(shows you the garbage in my mind)

To my absolute surprise and shame I met a great guy who had some hard times recently but in the middle of it had connected with God. Friends had advised him to come to our church and he wanted to come along before Sunday and check the place out so at least he would know someone when he turned up!

God proceeded to kick me around my office bringing back to my mind some of the things I have said like "Its all about People" "People matter to us".

Sorry God!


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