Sunday, October 23, 2005

Spaghetti or Waffle?

Our Church is in the middle of a preaching series called "Upside Down Living". It looks at a few counter cultural statements that Jesus made, things that seem on the face of it 180 degrees contrary to accepted practice. Today we looked at how Jesus commended marriage.

During the course of the talk a story was recalled that tried to highlight the differences between men and women. It has been said that in thinking process women are like spaghetti and men like waffles.

When looking at how a woman thinks everything is interwoven and connected. To follow one strand takes you on a journey which brings you into contact with many other strands of though. It is all mixed together reminiscent of a plate of spaghetti.

Men on the other hand think in boxes. They have a work box, a hobby box, a family box, each box separate and stands alone. In fact some boxes have nothing in them at all just like a waffle. So girls the next time you ask one of us guys what we were thinking and we say nothing! Remember the waffle and realise we are telling the truth. Unlike you we can think about nothing.


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