Friday, October 21, 2005

After reading a number of blogs I have finally decided to take the plunge for myself. Not really sure what I have to say and even more sure no one else will want to read it but here goes.

The title of my blog is take from the best selling book by Philip Yancey by the same name: What's so amazing about grace. Having been brought up in Church in the North East of Scotland for most of my formative year I heard 1000's of sermons. One of the words I heard over and over again was the word Grace. Although a word and a theology I had become very familiar with it was not till my friend Andrew Shearman, a pastor from the USA, recommended this particular book to me did I really have my eyes opened.

My experience of church and church people was a story of rules, regulations and unforgiveness. I had taken on the idea of God as a great ogre who was watching over me waiting for my inevitable failure, confirming his low expectation of me.

Yancey opened my eyes and revived my fading faith when I picked up his classic book. This was God that was new to me. A God who was more interested in me than what I did for Him. More intent of encouraging my spiritual journey of discovery than pointing to my weaknesses.

In the words of Bono in the U2 song Grace is a thought that changed the world. Experiencing this thought has changed my world.


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