Thursday, April 04, 2019

Get off the couch and gather round the table

St Francis had the table laid upon the naked earth as was his custom. And when meal lime came, St Francis & St Clare sat down together, and one of the Brothers with the companion of St Clare, and next all the other brothers, and they humbly took their places at the table. And with the first dish St Francis began to talk of God so lovingly, with such depth, so wonderfully, that the divine fullness of love descended upon him, and all were enraptured in God. And while they were thus transported with eyes and hands lifted towards heaven, the people of Assisi and Bettona and in the neighbouring towns saw that Santa Maria degli Angeli and the whole convent and woods, which then were at the side of the convent seemed to be in a great blaze.
St Francis and the foolishness of God p66

A few random unconnected thoughts
  1. The table is possibly the greatest and underused tool that we have to build community & make disciples
  2. Us charasmatic / Pentecostals dont have the corner when it comes to the supernatural 
  3. “Worship” can never be contained in a building or a time, it needs no music just hearts enraptured by and directed to Jesus.
  4. It almost sounds like a “small group” I’d go too! Lol


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