Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Rethink Leadership - Jeff Henderson

Next up at Rethink Leadership was Jeff Henderson, Lead Pastor at Gwinnett Church. Here are some of his thoughts on Strategy: Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing.

  • The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing.
  • Insideritis – a malady afflicting the vision of an organisation resulting in focusing on insiders over outsiders.
  • Our role, as leaders, is to grow a team who can take care of the business while you go and get new customers. (he gave an example of what was expected of a Chick fil a manager)
  • Too often the way we have set up our churches is actually keeping people from reaching people
  • Vision leaks. And so does inspiration.
  • The natural drift of a church or organisation is towards complexion and confusion.
  • You have to start with "why" and you have to stay with why.
  • Our challenge as leaders is that we have a lot going on. So remember to stay within the circles you can influence. You, your core team, staff and board, volunteers and finally the larger Community. But it all starts with you.
  • Continually ask "What are we here for?". This is a vision inventory question.
  • To check you are focused on the main thing ask these three questions:
    What do you meet about?
    What do you talk about?
    What do you see?
    What do you celebrate?
  • The words we use are important but if we can put visual images to it, it helps keep the main thing the main thing. Use t-shirts, bumper stickers, pens....
  • Celebration is something leaders often overlook.
  • The best thing you can do as a leader today is write three Thank You notes, and tomorrow, and the next day, and every day.
  • For Gwinnett Church #forgwinnett is the main thing. They are for their County, for everyone in Gwinnett not everyone in the church.
  • In first 5 min of any staff meeting, everyone seaches for the #forgwinett then likes and comment on posts. We reward vision. 
  • Everybody likes getting their Instagram photo liked. It reinforces a behaviour.
  • 99% of Instagram photos from churches are about what’s happening in the church. We need to be about what’s happening in the community.
  • A neighbour minded church allows people to belong before they believe


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