Saturday, December 31, 2016

God says Come & See

In his book written in 1883 titled Holiness, J C Ryle, marvels in amazement at the promises of God contained in His Word.
God is continually holding out inducements to man to listen to Him, obey Him & serve Him… He has shown his perfect knowledge of human nature, by spreading over the Book a perfect wealth of promises, suitable to every kind of experience and every condition in life…. Their name is legion. The subject is almost inexhaustible. There is hardly a step in a man’s life, from childhood to old age, hardly any position a man can be placed, for which the Bible has not held out encouragement to everyone who desires to do right in the sight of God. There are “shalls” and “wills” in God’s treasury for every condition. About God’s infinite mercy and compassion, - about His readiness to receive all who repent and believe, - about His willingness to forgive, pardon and absolve the chief of sinners, - about the encouragements to pray, and hear the gospel, and draw near to the throne of grace, - about strength for duty, comfort in trouble, guidance in perplexity, help in sickness, consolation in death, support under bereavement, happiness beyond the grave, reward in glory, - about all these things there is an abundant supply of promises in the Word. No one can form an idea of its abundance unless he carefully searches the scriptures, keeping the subject steadily in view. If any one doubts it, I can only say, “Come and see.”

My passion for you and me is that we will discover first hand the great promises God has in the treasury of His Word just for you. Pastor John Piper said in his book Future Grace:
Raking is easy, but all you get is leaves; digging is hard, but you might find diamonds.
Plan to dig into God’s Word this next year. Prepare today and start tomorrow!

Download the Bible App to your device and choose one of the many reading plans they have available.
Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.  – 2 Timothy 2:15


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