Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Great God - Newspring Worship

Just loving the new song "Our Great God" from the new Newspring Worship album - Salvation Rise. Thanks to Lee and the rest of the Newspring team for giving us such great songs to exalt "Our Great God"!

It releases 27th April - Do yourself a favour and preorder on iTunes for £7.99. You will not regret it.

Look at the skies, I see your majesty
Your glory shines for all the world to see
Look at the cross, I see salvation rise
Your voice like thunder calls the dead to life.

Our great God, a mighty warrior
Our great God, You go before us
Our great God is on our side

Through every storm and in the rising seas
We will not fear, You stand in victory
Here in the light we cast aside our shame
We are free to glorify Your name

If it wasn't for Jesus, we'd still be all alone
If it wasn't for mercy, we'd still be on our own.


Anonymous said...

yes it is very nice song. Godbless

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