Wednesday, December 04, 2013

All About Jesus

God is known to us most profoundly in the mediatorship of Jesus Christ, and it is through the economic relationship of Father-Son and Son-Spirit that we can glimpse into the Trinity.

In creation, God makes the universe in, through, and for Jesus Christ.

In revelation, Jesus Christ unveils the mystery of God, executing the divine covenant for redemption, hidden in ages past but unveiled in these last days.

In eschatology, the end of all things involves every man and woman appearing before the judgment seat of Christ and Christ himself consummating the Father’s purposes of the new creation.

On the Holy Spirit, Jesus is the bearer of the Spirit and the dispenser of the Spirit; only through him is the Spirit given.

The church is a community called and commissioned by Jesus to represent him before the world.

Ethics is the practical discipline of learning to walk in Christ’s steps behind him and showing our likeness to him in our behaviour….

If theology were a maze, every corner and every turn would lead us to Jesus (343-344).

Evangelical Theology - Mike Bird


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Unknown said...

Fellowship of Yah: Relating The Truth To All Who Are Sent. We are striving to bring the truth of the Gospel without any obstruction of man. We teach that Genesis through Revelation is all the living Word and should be treated as such. 

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