Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mission on Motor Bike

One of my great privileges on my trip to India was to present Pastor Victor Palla with the funds raised to purchase a motor bike for a local Pastor.

A bike gives the Pastor based in remote villages in the mountains outside Palakonda much needed transport as he cares for his church and preaches the Gospel.

Here is Victor's words of thanks:

"Here are the photographs of the Pastor and his family who has been gifted the motorcycle you bought for them. We have purchased this more than 15 days ago and have handed it over to him. 

This Brother is called Murali and is taking care of two churches on the hills. He walks long distance on the hills to take care of these churches. Now this vehicle will help him to move about more quickly and easily. I have been having in mind for a vehicle since more than three years, thank you very much for strengthening our hands to bless him with this vehicle. 

Please kindly continue to remember us in your prayers."

Thank you to those who gave so generously for the purchase of this bike.


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