Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Leadership - Good to GREAT

A brilliant post by Pastor Perry Noble about how to be a great leader.

  • A good leader makes assumptions…A GREAT leader asks questions! 
  • A good leader waits for feedback…A GREAT leader solicits feedback! 
  • A good leader finds reasons for the problem…A GREAT leader finds solutions for the problem! 
  • A good leader takes notes…A GREAT leader creates actions steps!  
  • A good leader works a job…a GREAT leader invests their lives in what they do! 
  • A good leader leads through declarations…a GREAT leader leads through influence! 
  • A good leader makes promises…a GREAT leader keeps their promises! 
  • A good leader is obsessed with gathering information…a GREAT leader is willing to make the tough call after receiving the proper information. 
  • A good leader is supported by those who follow him…a GREAT leader supports those who follow him! 
  • A good leader asks “What Are You Doing”…a GREAT leader asks “How Are You Doing?”


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