Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This past Sunday we continued our series Plan B - What do we do when God doesn't show up the way we expected him too.

My subject this week Waiting.....

  • There is an undeniable relationship between crisis and hope. 
  • We love the idea of following Jesus until it disrupts our plans and dream. 
  • God would never make it in the travel industry because he is always leading his best clients into the wilderness. 
  • The good that God aimed to do through the wilderness testing was to make the people intensely, deeply, and lastingly conscious of their total dependence on God for everything. 
  • God can sometimes withold his gifts but he won't withold his presence. 
  • The Father turned his back on Jesus His son so he would never have to turn his back on you. 
  • God will allow suffering, pain, and crisis in order to detach hope from other things and attach it to himself. 
  • You’ve got to stop looking at your shattered dreams and your unmet expectations as something God is doing to you. He’s not doing something to you. But he might be doing something through you. He might be doing something in you. 
  • Hope does not come only from believing God’s power, but also from accepting and trusting his timing. 
  • We want his comfort. But often we don’t want his calendar. 
  • Spiritual transformation doesn’t take place when we get what we want. It takes place while we’re waiting. 
  • Waiting for the Lord is when we pause to pray before we act. 
  • You are being transformed from the image of God into the likeness of God and nothing can frustrate the transcendent Gods’ plan and purpose in this.

This Sunday was also special as 944 people attended our services. Our biggest ever outside of Christmas & Easter.


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