Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Follower of Jesus

I remember it like it was yesterday, the day I decided to live the rest of my life following Jesus. I was at a Youth Camp in Great Walstead in the South of England. A group of us had traveled there with our relatively new leader Roger Blackmore from our home in the North of Scotland. Little did I know that when I left Cairnbulg for what seemed then a mammoth journey it would be a week that would change my life for ever.

I went to church and counted myself as a Christian but that was where it ended. During my week in England I fell in Love with Jesus and realized he had a great plan and a purpose for my life. His cause was the only one worth living for and I had to devote the rest of my life to following Jesus.

Since that time I have made decisions which have allowed me to follow this dream. I have sought to learn from others, be active in church and to share with others what God has done for me. Somewhere along the journey though I feel I got sidetracked into something less than what I entered into all those years ago.

With Christmas looming large I have been reminded of the reason that Jesus the transcendent God took on the incredible mission to leave the splendor of heaven and to live on this planet and set up His kingdom. His call then was for people to become radical followers. To leave everything, to give up everything to follow Him. His mission demands no less.


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